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This year’s Innovation Day focuses on sustainability challenges

This year’s Innovation Day focuses on sustainability challenges

The 8th edition of Innovation Day presented different challenges in the field of sustainability to the students, who worked on finding solutions to the issues raised by the companies and institutions

This year, the challenges were posed by the companies Borges International, Grupo Hinojosa and Ennea, which sought innovative answers to questions such as: How can we give a second life to used oil in a cost-effective and easy way for the hospitality industry and households?; how can we personalize and facilitate the user experience in the supermarket through packaging?; how can we communicate and inform young people so they become more involved in global sustainability and digital innovation?

The student teams worked throughout the day, and were assisted by facilitators to formulate problems and create prototypes for their solutions. Each group then presented their innovative solutions to a jury composed of experts on the subject and company representatives.

The team that took on the challenge posed by Borges International (formed by Bernat Pou, Fèlix Martí, Blai Fernández and Héctor Nüñez) proposed a system of discount coupons to encourage people to leave their used oil at green points in their cities. The winning group of the challenge presented by Grupo Hinojosa (formed by Abril Cantó, Javier Dijkstra, Joan Reverter, Martina Granja and Pol Sosa) focused on a recycling chain and used the bags to create loyalty programs with consumers in supermarkets. Finally, the team that participated in the Ennea challenge (formed by Adam Maachi El Backhti, Ignacio Pastorino, Jaume Núñez, Jon Aren Avedaño and Karan Kumar Dhiman) presented a social network to promote sustainable actions through discount coupons.

The winning teams received a prize of 500 euros in recognition of the creativity and effort of their innovative solutions.

UB’s Innovation Day is an opportunity for students to work in teams and apply their skills to find effective solutions to current problems. This year, the challenges posed focused on sustainability, reflecting the growing importance of sustainability in our society and the need to find innovative solutions to address these issues.