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Develop the entrepreneurial spirit of the UB community

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Entrepreneurship is the ability to create cultural, social or economic value for others from an idea. In this process, creativity and innovation are fundamental. These skills are not only useful in the business creation process, but also in the academic, professional and personal development of any person.

Through our training model we help any member of the community to have ideas, to develop critical and innovative thinking and to promote entrepreneurial projects to contribute solutions to the challenges that society faces.

The StartUB!

The training model of StartUB! It is based on the principles that promote a comprehensive education adapted to the individual needs of each student, encouraging learning through practice and experience. The proposal is structured in 3 verticals, each one focused on a different stage of development:

UB Community

Services for the UB community

We are committed to the development of the academic community. Our services for the University of Barcelona community include:

Services UB community

Resources and tools available

We want to make entrepreneurship accessible to everyone, leaving no one behind. In addition to training and support, we make a series of resources available to the community free of charge.