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StartUB! will be present again at the 4YFN of MWC 2024


Once again, the University of Barcelona will be an active part of 4 Years From Now (4YFN), the space dedicated to emerging companies and entrepreneurship within the Mobile World Congress. The event will take place in Barcelona from February 26 to 29.

It will do so through StartUB!, the unit for promoting entrepreneurship among students, and the Bosch and Gimpera Foundation, the knowledge and technology transfer office in charge of promoting the creation of innovative and derivative companies among research staff (spin- offs).

In their own space within the 4YFN, spin-offs and start-ups linked to the UB will be able to interact with investors, mentors and professionals in the sector, opening a range of opportunities for their future.

The spin-offs and start-ups that will participate in the event are the following:

26 and 27 february


  • Colorsensing: Works to reduce food waste thanks to the development of an intelligent packaging solution that allows failed packaged products to be detected before they reach the consumer.
  • Nimble Diagnostics: Develops the first medical device to monitor non-invasively implanted stents. The Nimble system allows you to identify possible cardiac problems in a non-invasive, fast and easy-to-use way.
  • Oniria Therapeutics: Focuses on the development of targeted therapies to eliminate tumor cells that are persistent to conventional treatments and responsible for the progression of patients to fatal phases of cancer.


  • Benesit: Device to correct posture in the chair and prevent back problems.
  • Filmo: Platform for rental of audiovisual materials between individuals.
  • Omashu: Comprehensive service that accredits the correct transfer and forecast of value of sports players, both at the professional and amateur level, using Blockchain technology and Machine Learning.
  • Pets&Vets: Platform that connects pet owners with veterinarians and other animal welfare professionals to democratize access to animal health.
  • The Blue Box: Solution powered by artificial intelligence to detect breast cancer non-invasively and without irradiation, through urine.

28 i 29 de febrer


  • Braingaze: Develops and markets digital solutions for the early detection, diagnosis and therapy of diseases and cognitive disorders such as ADHD, Alzheimer’s, autism spectrum disorder, etc.
  • Gate2Brain: It is a biotech company that is developing a technology based on peptides capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier and transporting drugs to the brain.
  • Logmeal: Its technology uses artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to analyze meals in real time just by taking a photograph.


  • Dekines: Platform to manage work teams and monitor your employees’ shifts.
  • Lexy: Artificial Intelligence Platform that helps companies create content.
  • Match IT: Solutions with artificial intelligence to optimize processes in work teams.
  • Thead: Community of innovative teachers, which promotes educational technology to promote inclusion, reduce inequalities and promote environmental awareness.
  • Xron: Video game development, interactive applications, extended reality (VR/AR), digital art, UX/UI design and web design.

With its presence at the 4YFN of the Mobile World Congress, the University of Barcelona reaffirms its commitment to innovation and its willingness to contribute to technological and social progress.