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– 23/05/2023

Zombie Technologies: Sustainable Innovation and Marketing in the Anthropocene

With Mathieu Alemany Oliver (TBS Education)

Climate change and its human and industrial causes are no longer to be demonstrated. In this collective fight against climate change, certain myths in the service of the economy remain: This is for example the case of the myth of an economic development that would be “sustainable” or the myth of the saving technology in which innovation would bring solutions to our problems. We will see together that these myths must be deconstructed in order to create new imaginaries and narratives in which marketing is at the service of an appreciative materialism, supported by a technology of the living and not a zombie technology promised to a very short existence, with no possible regeneration, before it is even born.

Mathieu Alemany Oliver, PhD
Mathieu Alemany Oliver, PhD, is an associate professor of marketing and consumer culture at TBS Education, as well as head of a master’s program in arts management. His research interests focus on consumption-mediated interpretations and constructions of reality, along with business ethics. In recent years, Mathieu has been working and publishing on the causes, consequences and narratives of the Anthropocene, such as overconsumption, eco-anxiety and conspiratorial thinking.
Time and place
18:30, Aula Magna (Edifici Històric de la UB)
About Let's UB!
This activity is part of Let’sUB!, a day of innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Barcelona that is held on May 23 in the Historic Building of the UB. The day is the meeting point between the entrepreneurs of the university and the business ecosystem of Barcelona. It also aims to generate synergies between projects and other agents to make visible the talent of the UB community.Other activities of the day:- 15:30 , “Gate2Brain: an entrepreneurial adventure jumping barriers”- 16:30 III Investment Forum Let’s UB!- 16:30, Introduction Workshop to the StartUB Innovatin Toolkit!You can find more information about these activities in the “Training Activities” section of the StartUB! website
Open from 01/05/2023
until 22/05/2023