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– 31/12/2022

The Open Challenge – Partnership Program for Biotech Startups

International partnership program for biotech startups

The Open Challenge is the biotech sector startup partnership program organized by StartUB! and ERETZ.BIO which promotes knowledge transfer and business exchange between the health ecosystems of Spain and Brazil.

Description of the program
The Open Challenge is the health sector startup partnership program organized by StartUB! and ERETZ.BIO that promotes the establishment of an international network of networking and knowledge transfer between companies of the leading ecosystems of Spain and Brazil regarding the biotech sector, allowing the application of solutions to the networking network of hospitals of Brazil. The Open Challenge’s focus will be on Biotechs that has a solution on Precision Medicine, Advanced Therapies (gene therapy, cell therapy, and tissue engineering) or Diagnostics. The selected companies will have the opportunity to pitch (in English) their solutions to different departments inside Hospital Albert Einstein on September 29 and the successful ones might be able to deliver pilot projects with one of the largest and most important hospitals in Latin America.
The program The Open Challenge aims to develop a pilot test or concept test (MVP) for implementation in the program’s networking network.
The Open Challenge program includes content in open challenges, the possibility of pilots, tutorials, immersions, partnerships or softlanding, cooperation in R&D and co-development projects.
The Open Challenge program takes place in virtual format between May and December 2022, including 4 hours of individual mentoring per project from StartUB! and ERETZ.BIO.
Who is it for?
The Open Challenge program is aimed at startups or companies in the biotech sector at any stage of development.
More information
ERETZ.BIO is an initiative aimed at transforming the sector and supporting the development of new solutions in the area of health. ERETZ.BIO has led a number of initiatives for the development and co-development of innovative technologies and businesses.
Open registration of 13/05/2022
until 20/09/2022