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– 29/11/2024

Programa Consolida’t

To strengthen the business of self-employed and micro-enterprises

Training program and personalized advice for self-employed workers and micro-enterprises.

Free (program valued at €1,600).
Promote the consolidation, growth and reinvention of self-employment as a tool to improve the competitiveness of self-employed workers’ businesses and fight against the destruction of self-employment.
This course is for
For freelancers and micro-enterprises who want to strengthen their business: – Self-employed workers and self-employed fingers – Economically dependent self-employed workers (TRADE) – Self-employed corporate workers under the legal formula of private civil society, community of goods or limited company (with less than 4 people hired and a turnover of less than €500,000). – Self-employed workers who have ceased their activity and want to carry out a new business project – Collaborating self-employed workers. *5 places reserved for ex-participants of past editions. They will be granted in strict order of registration.
80 hours of training, of which 35 correspond to the topics detailed below: 1. Online Tool Drawer for the Freelancer 2. Strategic and tactical marketing 3. How to add social and environmental impact to your business 4. The art of negotiating effectively 5. Personal growth The remaining hours will be topics that interest the majority of participants. Participants have 13 hours of personalized mentoring.
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38 places available
Catalan, spanish
Registration open from 18/12/2023
until 24/03/2024