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– 01/04/2023

Programa Akademia

Innovation program with students from different faculties

With the Akademia program you will learn to analyze, interpret, and look at future trends while applying what you are learning at university. In addition, you will learn how to apply artificial intelligence or quantum computing in any field (because whatever you study, you will need to know them).

8 online sessions with experts
– Make the most of everything you have studied at university. – Learn to analyze, interpret, and to look at future trends from what you already know today. – Learn how artificial intelligence or quantum computing is applied in any field. – Participate with students from other universities with a unique and differential practical case.
– Innovation: Take advantage of what you study – Energy: Everything you would need to know – Telecommunications: Basic tool of the innovative process – Team work: Learn to build an algorithm from scratch – Big Data: Make decisions based on data – Algorithms: what do we talk about when we talk about them? – Quantum world: The revolution of machines from scratch – Team work: Learn to build an algorithm from scratch
They will be one-hour online sessions via Zoom with experts in each subject. – 8 online sessions – 12 experts – 90 places, 30 per call
This course is for
Open any member of the UB community
Open registration of 30/11/2022
until 27/01/2023