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– 13/03/2024

Negotiation and financing strategies with investors

Improve your negotiation and financing skills with experts

Boost your negotiation and financing skills with experts in investment strategies, learn effective negotiation tactics and attract investors.

Time and date
03/13/24 on StartUB!. – Workshop 1: 10.00 to 11.45 – Workshop 2: 12.00 at 14.00
Program Workshop 1: Financing strategies for startups, with Chema Pina, Managing Partner & Cofounder at Aptki, and Angels Molist, Business Partner at Aptki. Workshop 2: Negotiation strategies with investors, with Marta-Patricia Aparicio i Montesinos, Founder and Managing Director at Keymon Venturas.
Activity within the framework of the bootcamp to prepare for the IV Investment Forum of the UB
More information on the IV Investment Forum: