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– 31/05/2023

Innovation for Teaching (IV Edició)

Innovation course for university teaching

Innovation for Teaching is the free self-learning course to apply innovation to teaching tasks, specially at the university level.

IDP accredited workshop for the teaching staff
Innovation for Teaching is the free self-learning course to apply innovation to teaching tasks, especially at the university level. Course created by StartUB! – University of Barcelona and the DTI Foundation.
The main objectives of the Innovation for Teaching course are to provide the knowledge that will help the teaching staff to improve their work from innovation, to encourage innovation in teaching to improve the knowledge, skills and learning process of the participants and encourage the use of different teaching, learning and assessment strategies.
The Innovation for Teaching course develops skills in innovation, team learning, gamification, simulation, virtual and augmented reality and ICT communication and information tools.
Methodology and time
The Innovation for Teaching course takes place in an online format for 10 hours between 2 and 31 th May.
This course is for
The Innovation for Teaching course is aimed at teaching staff interested in acquiring a solid foundation in innovation for teaching and with a desire to develop knowledge and skills in this field.
More information about TRUE
TRUE is a HEI Innovate project coordinated by Universitat de Barcelona in collaboration with Univer-sité de Montpellier, Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon, Universidad de Extremadura (Modest + Innova-tor, RIS), Siemens, Sapiens Mindset, Fundación UCEIF and Fundació DTI.Tackling the EIT Health and EIT Digital missions, the mission of the project is to eliminate the obs-tacles that inhibit innovation and entrepreneurship by strengthening the links in the education knowledge triangle and by making training, tools and personalized support open and readily acces-sible to European citizens.
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until 01/05/2023