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– 07/05/2024

Innovation Day – UB

Solve challenges with students or alumni from different faculties and universities

Innovation Day (IDay) is an activity in which students or alumni from various academic areas and universities work together to solve challenges facing society. All proposals will be evaluated by a jury, which will award €1,500 to the 3 best proposals.

Possibility of signing up as a team
€1,500 for the best ideas
The purpose of this initiative is to encourage and promote innovation among students. Students will work in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030. The IDay will also allow you to: – Acquire new skills: lateral thinking, analytical skills, use of innovative tools, etc. – Broaden horizons: share experience with students from different areas. – Address real problems: offer solutions to inclusion and sustainability challenges posed by the industry.
Methodology and schedule
The activity will take place on May 7, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at StartUB!. Both food and snacks will be facilitated by the organization. Throughout the day, participants will work in groups, and will have the support of facilitators and experts who will teach them how to use tools to develop their innovative capacity.
Addressed to
– This activity is aimed at students, PDI and PAS from different universities, faculties and academic areas to form multidisciplinary teams and enriches the group experience. – Participants may register as a group (indicating it on the registration form) or individually. In the latter case, they will be assigned a group that same day. – No prior experience or knowledge is necessary, anyone can participate.
The challenges
The challenges in this edition will be posed by: – UB Danone Chair of Healthy and Sustainable Eating – UB COIB Nursing Chair – Smartcity Telephone Classroom (UB/URV)
The awards
€1,500 will be awarded to the three finalist projects (€500/group), in the form of vouchers to shop at the L’Illa shopping centre.
You can register with a previously established group (6 people max.) or individually (the organization will form multidisciplinary groups with other students). To sign up with people you already know you will only have to indicate the option in the registration form, in the corresponding section.
Open from 12/03/2024
until 03/05/2024