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– 12/12/2023


12 weeks, practical approach

During 12 weeks, you will work on your idea, transforming it into a solution that contributes to achieving the 2030 SDGs. With a practical approach and based on social learning dynamics, Explorer is designed so that the participating people become an active part of the change through of the implementation of economically sustainable projects in different industries, sectors and types of organizations. You can participate alone or in a team (maximum 5 people).

12 weeks
Practical approach
● Welcome. In the week prior to the start of the program, you will have multimedia material at your disposal so that you know how the different work environments work, how the group sessions or Q&A sessions are developed, what resources and tools are available… ● Get ready. During the first section of the program, you will learn to organize as a team and/or community, to examine the ethics that should surround any project, and you will prepare to explore the potential of your idea through a framework in which shared knowledge and peer learning will play a leading role. ● Research. In this section, through different research processes, you will identify your potential customer and build your value proposition, putting the people you want to help with your solution at the center. ● Fix & Build. This section will guide you in building a minimal product and prototyping your solution, while working to get your proposal closer to your audience through an effective landing page. ● Monetize. You will learn everything about business models and financing possibilities, as well as learning how to develop financial projections for your project. ● Storytelling. You will know how to tell your solution to clients, potential partners and, above all, to potential investors.
At the end of the 12-week program and if you carry out all the proposed activities, you will have validated whether your idea can become a viable business. And also: – You will develop a creative thinking oriented to the search for solutions. – You will unfold your purpose and your values, you will explore your limits and you will understand your potential. – You will learn to understand and empathize with the needs of your potential customers. – You will identify and learn the latest techniques and tools to communicate with your audience. – You will incorporate a battery of transversal skills (so-called soft skills) that will always accompany you and help you prosper in any professional field. – You will connect with other people who, like you, want to do things to improve their environment. – You will practice and improve your English in a real environment.
This course is for
● To people who want to generate a positive impact in the world. ● To those who wish to connect with their future and seek economic independence through entrepreneurship. ● Anyone who wants to understand the benefits and opportunities offered by entrepreneurship, always in a safe space where mistakes are allowed and where you don’t need to know anything about companies and businesses in order to move forward. ● Tech lovers who want to experiment with their solution and explore the possibilities of turning it into a global project. ● People in the field of humanities who want to transform their passion into their way of life, building a sustainable project. ● Digital nomads who want to explore the world by “piggybacking” their business and enjoying remote work. ● For researchers who want to turn their discoveries into sustainable businesses. ● Entrepreneurs who want to validate whether their solutions can have an impact on society.
Methodology and activities
The Explorer program is 100% online. How do you learn in Explorer? ● Through digital content aimed at completing challenges and work templates with which to shape your project; They will serve to validate your progress throughout the program. ● In Q&A sessions with experts who will help you complete the tasks. ● In online sessions with leaders from the world of entrepreneurship who will inspire you with their stories of success and failure. ● In the online workspace, where you will find the participants of your edition and in which social, collaborative and peer-to-peer learning is the key to everything.
Validation of the idea with which you applied to the program: you will be able to verify if it can be turned into a viable business. Community: access to a global community of innovators with more than 1000 participants in each edition, which grows with the incorporation of more universities in different countries of the world. Certificate of participation for the projects that complete the activities of the program. Exclusive access to 100 places for the Santander X Prepare to Launch at Babson College.
Admission process
1. Complete the application form with your information and that of your project and do not forget to explain in detail your motivation to participate in the program. If you apply as a team, each team member must complete their application and only the project leader must identify himself as such. This is very important to properly manage your project selection. 2. Choose Institution: University of Barcelona 3. If you pass the selection filter, Explorer will contact you via a notification. 4. Important: your place and that of your team (if any) will be definitively confirmed when the person leading the project appears as admitted in their Santander X profile. 5. From here, you would receive all the instructions to start the program and you would also have access to the online workspace where the rest of the Explorers would be. Remember that if any team member is not registered with the project, they will not have access to the training platform or receive their certificate of completion.
Open from 12/06/2023
until 08/09/2023