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– 11/07/2024

Introduction to the Innovation Toolkit – for PDI

Discover all the possibilities that this tool offers to improve learning.

Methodology to introduce entrepreneurship and innovation in any subject (based on PBL)

At the end of the course-workshop, participants will be able to: – Carry out a training and interactive action based on Project Based Learning (PBL) using the Toolkit. – Apply the training action in a real teaching-learning context. – Adopt the role of facilitator in activities based on PBL or real challenges. – Adapt the teaching-learning process to different student/player profiles. – Reflect on one’s own characteristics as a teacher, which allow one to be successful in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in any subject.
Schedule and details
Duration: 15 hours. Types of course: In-person. Calendar: July 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 11, 2024, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Location: StartUB!
20 vacancies.
Course language
Addressed to
Teaching and research staff at the University of Barcelona. No previous experience is needed.
There will be individual evaluation, among peers and by the trainers. Attendance in in-person classes will be taken into account and it will be essential that participants present the challenge on the fourth day in order to certify the course.
This workshop works as a meta-workshop, since it will show how the Toolkit system works, at the same time that this system will be used in classes to teach how to introduce entrepreneurship in any subject. That is, from the first moment all participants will be able to experience how their students would feel if the Toolkit with the PBL methodology was used in a class. At the end of the workshop all participants will have access to the materials that they can apply to their respective subjects. Although most of the proposed activities will be done in class, this workshop requires participants to develop a thought challenge to be applied within their subjects. This requires autonomous work during the fourth day of the course.
Session 1: – Entrepreneurship-innovation: Transformative impact of entrepreneurial thinking – Entrepreneurship in my area of ​​expertise – PBL as a teaching methodology – Toolkit, I challenged it Session 2: – Toolkit, phase 1 and 2 – Atilitat within my subjects Session 3: – Toolkit, phase 3 and 4 – Usefulness within my subjects Session 4: – Toolkit, phase 5 – Entrepreneurial challenge in my subject
Innovation Toolkit
Open form 17/06/2024
until 28/06/2024