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– 11/05/2023

How to Teach Entrepreneurial Abilities

Develop your entrepreneurial skills and learn to improve those of your students in the classroom.

This course is designed to provide teachers with the necessary tools to develop their business skills and learn how to improve their students’ business skills in the classroom.

– Learn that entrepreneurial skills are more than creating new businesses. – Discover the EntreComp framework as a tool to include business skills in teaching. – Encourage creativity, motivation, perseverance and teamwork. – Learn to incorporate new teaching methodologies in the classroom.
Session 1: What are entrepreneurial skills and why are they important? – What are entrepreneurial skills? – Why are they important for education? – How can I introduce them into my teaching? – How will this course help me? Session 2: The importance of creativity. – Ways to train your own creativity. – Dynamics to work your creativity. – Ways to incorporate creativity in your classes. Session 3: Motivation and perseverance Contents: – The importance of motivation. – Self-motivation techniques. – How to keep students motivated. Session 4: Teamwork – Roles within a team. – Team management Session 5 and 6: Learning through experience and innovative methodologies – What is experiential learning? – What are the benefits of experiential learning? – The role of facilitators. – Forms of experiential learning. – Cooperative learning. – Inverted classroom. – Project-based learning. – Problem-based learning. – Gamification and game-based learning.
This course is for
Teaching staff from the universities that are part of the TRUE consortium (Transforming Universities Towards Entrepreneurship): University of Barcelona, University of Montpellier, Polytechnic of Lisbon, University of Extremadura.
From 16:00 to 18:30.
Open registration of 03/04/2023
until 02/05/2023