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– 28/11/2022

CV of Failures

Tolerance for error and failure

“CV of Failure” is a course aimed at teachers who want to improve their decision-making process in changing environments through learning from error and tolerance for failure.

3 nov., 14 nov., 28 nov., from 10 to 11:30h.

Course for teaching staff
This course is for
The program is aimed at teaching staff and organizations interested in improving their transformation mindset through learning from mistakes and failure.
12 hours of asynchronous work that will be divided into: Video tracking Readings Forum participations Communications with the academic area 2.3 synchronous sessions of one hour each via Teams/GoogleMeet
– Know the differences between error, failure and frustration. – Learn the use of error tolerance overcoming tools. – Analyze failures to extract opportunities for improvement.
– 03/11/22, first synchronous session: 1st six training units will be activated on campus (10 – 11:30) – 14/11/22, second synchronous session: 2nd six training units will be activated on campus (10 – 11:30) – 28/11/22, third and last synchronous session (10-11:30)
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Open registration of 09/09/2022
until 31/10/2022