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– 19/04/2023

Business Model Lab

Introduction to business creation

Course d’introduction to the creation of companies.

+ 2 ECTS
Lunes y miércoles, de 12:00 a 14:00 h .
Description of the program
Business Model Lab is an introductory course on business creation that introduces you to the most essential aspects of entrepreneurship. The competencies of the course are the process of defining the value proposition, working with various prototyping methodologies, analyzing customer segments, identifying the types of costs and assessing possible sources of income and financing.
Business Model Lab allows you to learn the basics of a company’s development process, as well as the steps prior to setting it up, encouraging work in multidisciplinary teams.
The Business Model Lab course is carried out in face-to-face format, from 3/6/23 to 4/19/23, from 12:00 to 14:00.
Who is it for?
Business Model Lab is for any student or former student of the University of Barcelona. Also to academic and non-academic staff from the UB.
Catalan, Spanish.
1. Ideation/Opportunity: What tools do we have to develop the business model from an initial idea? In this session we will see which ideas have potential, we will work on ideation dynamics and identify opportunities in different sectors so that the participants discover areas in which to develop their projects. The teams will be formed and we will meet the rest of the participants. 2. Tools to increase impact: Any business model can have an impact. We will learn different concepts and creative tools created by Learning by Helping, to enhance the social and environmental impact in any business model.​ 3. Clients: Defining the ideal client and understanding what problem we can help solve is the best way to attract attention to our business, connect with emotions and provoke the desire to buy. ​ 4. Value proposition: Discover what elements can differentiate a business from competitors and make it unique in the eyes of the ideal client in order to transmit a differential proposal capable of attracting and seducing consumers. 5. Product: In this session, participants have the opportunity to identify the different phases of the process of creating physical or digital products and design the first prototypes. 6. Partners / Team: In this session, the key partners for business development are identified, collaboration strategies are established within the business models and planning is also structured by product development phases. The team is one of the fundamental bases of a company: we will work on how to identify the right profiles, what the selection process is like or how to organize career plans for employees. 7. Income Model: Defining the income model will help us to know where the value we create is and how to make our users or clients value it by paying. 8. Validation of social projects: We will learn different concepts and creative tools that allow us to incorporate and/or enhance the social and environmental impact in any business model. ​ 9. Costs: The type of expense will determine the scalability of our business model. 10. Let’s go to the market: Session designed to define the necessary strategies to launch the company/product to the market: calculate the introduction and growth time, execute an effective operations plan to meet the proposed objectives, etc. 11. Pitch workshop: We will learn to put our ideas into words and build transformational speeches that impact the emotions of investors and move them to trust the project and the human team behind each idea.
All those students who want to obtain the 2 credits will have to attend 80% of the sessions and do the proposed activities.
Open registration of 17/01/2023
until 01/03/2023